My name is Anthony Lombardi, I am glad to share my photos with you and I hope that you enjoy looking at them. I have shot photography for over ten years, using film most of the time and recently making the switch to digital. The large majority of the images are not digitally enhanced or altered. The shots exist to depict the subject in its natural environment, or as you would see them in the wild. On this site, you will find pictures of humpback, blue, gray, fin, and minke whales, as well as various types of dolphins, sea lions, elephant seals, and killer whales. Also included are pictures of the oddest fish around - the mola mola. Lighthouses are highlighted as well, along with other visually stimulating images from in, on, and around the oceans. The cetacean images and most of the marine life are taken in the Santa Barbara Channel, specifically within the Channel Islands area off the central coast of California. The Santa Barbara Channel is one of the best places in the world to view dolphins and whales of all types. It is a great backyard playground to interact with all of the natural beauty! The surf photography is from local surf spots along the central coast of California, focusing on surfers of all types and styles. The tow surfing pictures are from other trips further out in the channel. My pictures appear in the July 2006 "Shark Park" issue of Surfing Magazine and the June 2006 edition of Blue Edge Magazine and also the January 2008 and August 2008 edition of Deep Magazine. I strive to make each image unique. Shooting surf photography is another one of my favorite passions. Being so close to the power of the water is unexplainable. I would like to thank you again for checking out my photos! To view larger images, just click on the photo and you have the option to see the larger image.THEY ARE NOW FOR SALE AND READY FOR PURCHASE! Digital Downloads are available!

To make an appointment for a surf trip, email me at I will shoot images of you and your buddies surfing, the price is per hour plus driving time, unless I can catch a ride. You can leave a comment here and I will contact you. Please note that I am also available for in-water shots, aided by a waterhousing. Also please leave comments, feedback from you is a great thing! Thank you,

Anthony Lombardi LiquidPix Photography Owner/Photographer All images are copyrighted and protected. All rights reserved. All photos sold on this website are for private, single use only. Images on this site may not be used for personal or commercial use without written permission to LiquidPix Photography or unless otherwise agreed upon when purchasing an image that has been stated as a commercial or personal image. Whale sightings on the Island Packer boats. February-2009 Seeing Gray Whales on most trips out into the channel, as well as Common Dolphins and lots of Sea Lions. ART SHOW AT THE REDBRICK GALLERY IN VENTURA ON MAIN STREET, COME AND SEE MY PHOTOS!! Links: Concessionaire to the Channel Islands. Great whale watch boats. Costa Rica experience Great seascape and wave paintings. Great whale and dolphin paintings. Surf forums, photos, great site.

Recent Photos

'Ocean Aces'-Award wining photo in the National Marine Sanctuary Photo Contest.<br />
The three dolphins to me look like they are in formation like fighter planes in the sky in perfect unison.